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String Theory

String theory is a potential unifying theory of all the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. String theory assumes that the fundamental building blocks of matter are not dimensionless particles, but one-dimensional closed or open strings whose different vibrations correspond to different types of particles. Interactions within string theory are reduced to the connection and disconnection of strings. Another object appearing in string theory are D-gates. String theory requires extra spatial dimension. Their existence is postulated, the unobserved dimension's compactification mechanism is provided in small size. There are five different string theories which are tightly bound together by dual transformation into a single M-theory discovered in the second string shaped revolution in 1995. M-theory predicts eleven dimensional space as opposed to the four known dimensions. One dimension is time, and the remaining ten spatial.

Theoretical basis of string theory requires our reality had not three spatial dimensions and one time dimension, but a total of 11 dimensions. Except if they are in our universe actually concealed more dimensions than the length, height and depth, someone would more likely noticed. If not ordinary people, physical devices and experiments would reveal their existence. So far this has not happened. Where do these dimensions along? Experts predict that if they were sufficiently small and twisted,it would be able to hide not only from our senses, but also before specific instruments. String theory says that the individual strings are so small that they vibrate in these miniature dimensions. Properties of particles determines the vibration of strings, which means that the properties of the particles are indirectly determined the true face of exotic spatial dimensions. And since space is the propagation medium gravity, other dimensions would weaken the attractive force of matter. It offers itself as an interesting solution great mysteries of modern physics: why is gravity so weak, in fact? At first glance it may not seem so, finally, the attractive force holding together our Earth, solar system, galaxy etc. But try to think differently - when you pick up the ball from the ground or brick your muscles humble themselves gravitational force of the entire planet! The essence of string theory is the assumption that matter is a manifestation of the various vibrations of objects called strings. Their size is so small that if we imagine the atom as big as our solar system, the strings would be about as big as a tree. At the micro level, the so-called. quantum world was necessary to meet the major challenges of uncertainty (Heisenberg's uncertainty principle). Linking these two worlds allow string theory, which says that everything in the universe is filled with extremely tiny vibrating strings of energy, but with strings may also acquire extremely large dimensions, which they say has the membranes, or at the gates, which can be directly universe itself , so in recognition of the possibility of parallel universes is this consideration in the plural. Propagator of string theory is an American astrophysicist Brian Greene.

Another important scientists in the field of string theory is Edward Witten, an American theoretical physicist. Witten in the investigation so superstring proposed unifying theory of strings called M-theory, which explains the problem of inconsistencies in various independent theory of everything, which was originally five.

An interesting feature of string theory is that it contains predictions about the extra dimensions. The number of dimensions is not fixed in any consistent criteria, but the flat space-time solutions do exist in the so-called. "Critical dimensions". Cosmological solutions exist in the wider dimensional manifold, and these differ in various dimensions-specifically different values of "effective central charge" Counting degrees of freedom to reduce the dimensionality of the weakly curved-modes are linked to dynamic relationship problems: Although string theory comes from physics, Some physicists argue that it currently untestable status means that it should rather be classified as systematic system for building models as opposed to physical theory, some go even further and say that string theory as a theory of everything is a failure.