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Annihilation-a process in elementary particle physics, which can occur when a particle collides with its antiparticle. Primary particles become extinct and the mass is converted to a form ofenergy.

D-gates-in string theory they present a class of objects to which are attached ends of open strings. The binding is governed by the Dirichlet boundary conditions under which it is derived the name of these objects, the gate on the contrary comes from the word membrane. D-gates were discovered Daiom, Leigh and Polchinski, independently flammable in 1989.

Electromagnetic fields-the physical fields, the scale of operation of electric and magnetic forces in space. They are composed of two interconnected fields, electric and magnetic. Although the electromagnetic field is infinite, it is usually considered only the part that is relevant to the movement of bodies around a charged body which creates field.

Gamma rays-a high-energy electromagnetic radiation produced during radioactive and other nuclear storylines. Theoretically, the correct name is the gamma wave / wave, but this label is actually used to indicate gamma brain waves.

Lambda - CDM it is a parameterization of the cosmological model of the the big bang, the universe which contains a cosmological constant, marked and Lambda cold dark matter. Often described as the standard model of cosmology of the Big Bang

Large Hadron Collider - The largest and most powerful particle accelerator in the world. Located at CERN.

M-theory-is an extension of string theory in eleven dimensions. Includes one dimension in addition to the original five string theory, there is therefore convinced that M-theory's five string theories combines and expands. Although a full description of the theory is not yet known.

Paradigm-- a model

Positron-positron or antielectron is a elementary particle, which is the antiparticle of the electron. It is a component of antimatter, it has a positive electrical charge and the same mass as an electron. A low-energy positron colliding with a low energy electron, annihilation occurs, resulting in the formation of two or more photons of gamma radiation.

Radioactive nuclide-atom, which subjects to radioactive decay

Singularity-a place with infinite curvature (mathematical singularity space-time continuum, generally black hole, black hole and wormhole

The fusion of nuclei-Nuclear fusion is the merger of atomic nuclei with lower atomic weight of the core with a higher atomic weight. It is the reverse process as nuclear decay.